WoFF: World of Film International Festival is Glasgow’s annual independent film event, currently in its 11th edition, set for November 7 – 10 2024.


In 2024, the 11th edition of WoFF opens a new page in our festival history, marking a second decade in our journey of discovering new talent and bringing audiences, filmmakers and industry professionals together, creating an education platform for independent cinema, and providing a stage to new and underrepresented voices to showcase their work. Having established ourselves as Glasgow’s Independent Film Event, our 11th edition in 2024 celebrates our ongoing development; our continuous work toward providing an open and inclusive environment for our community to engage with independent cinema from all around the world; and our accessibility commitment, enabling all audiences to learn about independent film and discover new talent. WoFF is a non-profit organisation bringing audiences a step closer to international independent cinema and giving voice to young artists.

Join us at the 11th edition of WoFF this November, where audiences, filmmakers and industry professionals come together, and share a platform to exchange ideas, showcase their work and most importantly talk about independent film and new trends in the industry.

Our focus remains on independent cinema from all over the world, by showcasing the work of first feature filmmakers, women directors and eastern European cinema in our three main sections, First Features, The Female Perspective & Focus on Balkan Cinema, respectively. We also continue supporting the world of animation, with our 7th Animation Day in Glasgow, in collaboration with Animaze, Animated Women UK and our partners. Our expanded industry programme includes animation workshops for youth, masterclasses / talks / panels and open discussions with acclaimed visiting industry professionals, curated workshops for children and students, networking opportunities, Q&As and more.

As part of our annual activity, in June 2024 WoFF collaborates with the Council for European Studies of the Columbia University and the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation in NYC to organise the 7th EuropeNow Festival, with events around Glasgow and beyond, including a traveling film festival.

The festival has seven categories in competition:

In more detail, the WoFF 2024 programme will include the following sections (please check regularly the website for news and updates):

Our special programmes include workshops, masterclasses, family events & live performances.

The above will be surrounded by Q&As, panel discussions & networking events with attending filmmakers and film industry professionals.