Accessibility and inclusivity for all our audience members is always our priority. You can see below all accessibility points that make our festival a more inclusive place for all. 


Sliding Scale Ticketing: Most of our events are ticketed on a sliding scale between £ 2 and £ 8. When booking, all audience members can choose how much to pay (£ 2, 4, 6 or £ 8), depending on their abilities and circumstances. There are absolutely no questions asked and you do not need to provide proof or email us in advance, just choose the options that suits your needs best. We have an allocation of subsidised (zero price) tickets for those who cannot afford to purchase a ticket. To request a free ticket please email

As a charity, we appreciate any help from our audience members, which enables us to move forward and deliver more events in the future.


Fully Accessible Venues: We use fully accessible venues for the majority of our screenings, unless otherwise indicated. Additionally all our staff members and venue partners are always happy to assist, so if you require any additional help or assistance prior to your visit, please reach out.


Fully Captioned & Closed Captioned Screenings: We aim to make sure the majority of our content (screened physically and online) is fully subtitled (or CC where possible), even for films in the English Language. If you would like to attend a screening and have any additional requests or need further information in advance, please reach out and our team will be happy to assist.


Digital Access: To minimise our environmental impact, we do not broadly distribute copies of our schedule or marketing materials. Our full programme of events and full details of each film title / guest speaker is available on our website and on mobile devices with user-friendly interface. Larger fonts are also available for supported devices. All our ticketing is also digital via our secure website payment system.

If you are unable to book online or you don’t have access to a personal device, please attend one of our venues where you can find limited print copies of our schedule and iPads, tablets that can be used to browse our events and purchase tickets. Our staff and volunteers will assist you.


Online and Physical Events: We have adopted a hybrid festival model to include both physical and online events, making sure that audience members can attend regardless of their location or circumstances, and to cater for audiences in remote areas. Due to distribution and rights, content is available only on UK territory and protected through a geo-block system. Please do not purchase tickets for live online events if you are outside the UK.

Our workshops and education content is available even beyond the festival, on demand through our partners at Stage 32 and via our social media platforms.


Professional Childminder Available: During the entire festival, we offer professional childminder service in our venues, for those members of the public who wish to attend a screenings and need assistance with the care of their minors. Due to the nature of the service and limited availability, pre-booking is required, and it will be available on first come – first serve basis. Please send your enquiries to