Reel Tasty: A food & film experience

Join us for an adventure to explore gastronomic creations inspired by five short films representing five different cultures and parts of the world. Chef Bo Ali cooks five courses, each exploring the culinary culture of a region represented in each one of the five short films. Guests will experience the films and courses, accompanied by cocktails and wines, in a curated manner, allowing everyone enough time in-between sessions. USELESS by Raquel Guerrero (Spain) | NORWEGIAN NATURE, SUBURBIA AND THE CREATURES LIVING THERE by Rolf Christian Heldal (Norway / UK) | STARCHED COLLARS by Daniel Rodríguez Risco (Peru) | STRIPED by Tatiana Astapova (Russia) | PRESTIGE INGREDIENTS by Adrian Rubi Dentzel & Danielle Rubi (USA, France) are the five films presented during this experience. *More info on the ticketing link below. Image from La Grande Bouffe (1973).

Multiple Films
Spain, Austria, UK, Peru, Russia, USA, France 2022 150 mins
November 4, 2022 7:00 pm
Location: The Alchemy Experiment