Jury 2018

Clockwise from up left: Niels Putman, Maša Flogie, Tomo Novosel, Lewis Landini.

Niels Putman – Jury President – is the editor-in-chief of the only short film magazine in Belgium and also in charge of the Short Film Conference – an international organization in existence since 1970 seeking to unite the global short film community. Niels works as a freelance film journalist / critic for several Belgian outlets and is an assistant programmer for different (short) film festivals. He’s a member of the Belgian Film Press Union and FIPRESCI. Niels is a Masters graduate in Audiovisual Arts from the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound in Brussels and in Filmstudies & Visual Culture from the University of Antwerp.

Lewis Landini is a dancer and filmmaker, and enjoys exploring the meeting of these two forms in his own work. His films have been screened at various festivals around the world, and is currently working on a documentary about drag queens in Glasgow.

Maša Flogie has been involved in the film industry for the past seven years. She worked as an actress in several Slovenian films and has been the producer of the Shots International Independent Short Film Festival in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia for the past four years.

Tomo Novosel is an award winning Slovenian screenwriter and film director, he is also the director of the SHOTS international film festival in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. His films often take us into the lives of people through social perspectives – often shown in his documentary film work. Tomo focuses on independent film making which he teaches in different high schools and EU programs. His most known films are Vezela (award for best Slovenian independent film 2014) and Rezbar/Woodcarver which was the most successful Slovenian short abroad in 2015.

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