EuropeNow Festival 2017

EuropeNow Festival: A collaboration between the Council for European Studies and the World of Film International Festival Glasgow

The Council for European Studies, as part of the 24th annual international conference of Europeanists, held in Glasgow, Scotland on 12 – 14 July 2017, is proud to present a film festival, hosted in collaboration with the World of Film International Festival Glasgow (WoFF).

The festival will take place at the CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts and in various venues across the city of Glasgow with film screenings, talks, Q&A sessions and roundtable discussions – all part of the cultural activities surrounding the 2017 edition of the CES conference.

We are now inviting all filmmakers to submit their films via the official WoFF submission page on Film Freeway

Submissions for this particular event have individual deadline and regulations, so please check the relevant information on the submissions page, which is also described below.

The theme of the conference is Sustainability and Transformation In Europe. All films submitted must have a relevant topic, which fits under the broader theme of the conference and these could range from Brexit, environmental issues, refugee crisis to European politics and representation of real life and situations that affect the life of Europeans, European nations, communities and / or individuals.

You can find more information about the conference here.

Films submitted must be produced in the past 3 years and can come from any country and in any language. There are no limitations regarding the length or the genre.

All selected filmmakers compete for an audience award – one for Best Short Film and one for Best Feature Film – based on a voting system during the individual festival screenings, where the audience will be evaluating the films based on their experience. The winning films will be announced on the last day of the festival and will be featured on the Visual column of EuropeNow, an interdisciplinary publication that features research, commentary, and journalism on Europe, alongside visual art, literary nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and translations.

The submission fee is a set amount of USD 15 for the entire submission period until April 30th. Note that films submitted for into this category are for this particular event only and are not considered for inclusion into the World of Film International Festival 2017 in September, unless submitted into one of the relevant festival sections. 

The entire amount generated (post platform use fees deduction) will be distributed to the awarded filmmakers. This is an inaugural film prize with the potential of incorporating he festival into the activity of the annual CES conference.

For enquiries please email:


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