Films Announced: EuropeNow 2020

The third edition of EuropeNow Film Fest, initially set for June 22 – 24 in Reykjavik, Iceland, will now take place online from the 31st July to August 2nd.

The selection process has now been completed, and 45 projects from countries including Iceland, UK, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, Croatia, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland and Turkey comprise the diverse programme.

Feature Films 

Salt and Pepper (Sal y Pimienta) by Miriam Herrero Del Valle | Spain / Argentina | 2019

Humanity Last: Refugees Still Hope by Molly Calliste | France / US | 2019

Quiet Life by Tasos Giapoutzidis | Greece / UK | 2019

Surdine (Surdina) by Rodrigo Areias | Portugal | 2019



Short Films 

Films from the Smog Years (Filmy z Epoki Smogu) by Michal Zadara | Poland | 2019

Harbor by Paul Marques Duarte | France | 2019

Charlie (Károly) by Koroknyai Róbert | Hungary | 2019

Canning Town by Will Dickie & Fabiola Santana | UK | 2020

Is that, like, your real job? by Gintare Parulyte | Luxembourg | 2020

Elysium by Kathrin Schweizer | Switzerland | 2019

Norway for Norwegians by Nadya Shah | Norway | 2019

I am Fatou by Amir Ramadan | Italy | 2019

Home (Heima) by Emil Alfreð Emilsson | Iceland | 2019

Pushing Forward (Gurati Naprijed) by Mirko Zorz | Croatia | 2019

In the blink of an eye by Helena Aljona Kühn & Arthur Oppenländer | Germany | 2019

RE:CYCLE by Nino Vincenzo Valpiani | Germany | 2019

Fingers Crossed by Sacha Teulon | UK | 2019

All who wander are not lost by Carmen Rozestraten | The Netherlands | 2019

Dishonour by Terrence Turner | UK / Canada | 2018

Maisha by Fabian Ribezzo | Italy / Ethiopia | 2019

A portrait of butterflies (Um Retrato de Borboletas) by Henrique Prudêncio | Portugal | 2019

Broken Branches by Lisa Maydwell | Lithuania | 2019

With the arrival of spring (Að vori) by Katla Sólnes | Iceland | 2018

Mother (Mutter) by Sebastian Sgodzai | Germany | 2019 

Invisible Stories (Storie Invisibile) by Andrea Tomasetto | Italy / Lebanon | 2019
Gone (Disparue) by Joan Bentosela | France | 2019


The Screening schedule will be announced shortly, along with Q&A sessions, panel discussions, Zoom Webinars and Instagram Live Chats completing the three day festival.

All events will be free and accessible from everywhere, without any geographic restriction, enabling audiences from all over the world to join.


EuropeNow Film Festival is an initiative of CES: Council for European Studies at Columbia University in the city of New York & WoFF: World of Film International Festival in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The third edition, which was set to take place in Reykjavik Iceland on June 22 – 24 has been cancelled due to the current circumstances.

The third edition of EuropeNow Film Festival continues to focus on contemporary European topics, which include but are not limited to fiction, documentary, animated and art short and feature films of any length that depict important aspects of Europe’s present reality. Examples of issues covered in the previous editions are refugee crisis, environmental crisis, economic recession, LGBTQ+ rights, Brexit, as well as shifts in lifestyle, tradition, culture and institutions as part of a variety of European nations.

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