World of Film is proud to announce Cinescapes, a series of hyperlocal film experiences in collaboration with Cinetopia Edinburgh, Double Take Projections and Edinburgh Cine Club.

Cinescapes celebrates films inspired by various locations across Scotland, while shining the spotlight on much-loved local establishments. In a hybrid festival format, we are making the project as accessible as possible, sharing the films both online and in various outdoor locations around Edinburgh, Glasgow and beyond. The project is designed to enable audiences to experience the films in various ways simultaneously, from your home entertainment system to balconies, courtyards, and socially distanced plots of grass nearby. While many of our beloved arts venues continue to remain closed, we are taking the movies to a wall near you. 

Watching films on walls from our homes and courtyards has become a way for neighbors and local communities across the world to connect during this current COVID-19 crisis. 

Core to the project is an interest in working and highlighting local, independent businesses as well as galvanizing support for our local arts venues and organizations who are struggling at the moment. This outdoor film project will bring people together in a safe way with an emphasis on highlighting and celebrating what our local businesses and arts organizations offer our communities on a regular basis. 

In August-September 2020, we ran a successful crowdfunding campaign where we reached our target of 10k to begin our journey and project. Our CINESCAPES crowdfunder was backed by both extra funding by Creative Scotland and also NatWest (as part of the Back Her Business initiative). You can see our crowdfunding campaign page here.

We are continuously recruiting partners and seeking funding and PR opportunities, local collaborators and supporters who want to participate. Please get in touch with us at if you have any ideas or suggestions! 

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