My Vagina Labyrinth

Welcome to My Vagina Labyrinth. Use your finger to unlock my lust and get access into the world inside my body. Let’s find the ORGASM in this maze. Come with me. Make sure your fuel is enough. Tease everything in the maze but beware of the wicked black cat along the road. Complete each level in order to bring us to climax, use flirting bombs, blast a tunnel in my maze, and follow this path, get to the deepest part of the maze to capture the clitoris who is waiting there for you. Let’s pray for rain together. Let’s get wet. Let’s go to the mysterious black hole as long as you can climb to the peak. Vagina labyrinth is an animation with a video game style, based on a female perspective. A contemporary image of female body eroticism. The sexual experience that enters the vagina can be imagined as a maze adventure. Players have to go through various levels in this vaginal maze to unlock arousing passions and attack the clitoris ... until the treasure of the orgasm can be excavated. In the video, a large number of symbols of body and sex are used to show female eroticism and fantasy.

Taiwan 2020 5 mins