Commonwealth Film & Theatre Festival


Press Release / 1 May 2014


The department of Theatre, Film and Television studies of the University of Glasgow, with the support of Celebrate, would like to announce The Commonwealth Film & Theatre Festival.

The Festival will take place from the 17th to the 27th of July 2014 including performances, screenings and events to celebrate cultural diversity and the spirit of international collaborations that the Commonwealth games bring this year to Glasgow.

Aiming to bring the local communities closer to distant realities from the Commonwealth world, our programme will include films from Africa, South-East Asia, the Caribbean Region, and the UK. The palette of social, environmental and economic factors creates fertile ground for the national cinemas to blossom and efficiently present various perspectives of these countries to the global spectator.

In collaboration with Africa in Motion Film Festival we will hold a preview screening on the 10th of July at the Andrew Stewart cinema, Gilmorehill Centre with the films Rain by Maria Govan (Bahamas, 2009) and Beach Boy by Emil Langballe (UK/ Kenya, 2013).

The full festival programme, including theatre performances and parallel events, will be available in the beginning of June. All screenings, discussions and events surrounding the main programme will have free admission.


For details, enquiries and press:

Kathi Kamleitner & Martin I. Petrov, Press Office: +44 7598 019538 / +44 7543 829874



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